About StereoSonique

Storyteller for all media and platforms. He has directed content for several brands in Europe, the United States and Latin America. He has won several advertising awards and was nominated for Cannes Lions. Winner of three MTV awards and nominated for the Latin Grammys. He was selected in several festivals with his short film «Colors». He directed two seasons of the Colombian webserie «SinFiltro» nominated for the India Catalina Awards. Traveled to Rio and directed the morning olympic coverage for Claro Sports airing in all Latinamerica. This 2018 premieres his debut feature Sacúdete las Penas in fiction, as A six dollar cup of coffee in documentary.

Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante


Storyteller for all platforms and media. He studied communication in the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico, narrative structures in Salamanca, Spain, Cinematography and Scenic Direction in the School of Visual Arts in New York and Scriptwriting in SOGEM – General Society of Mexican Writers (member of The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers). 

He has directed and produced through his own company StereoSonique contents for multinational brands such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Nike, Bacardi, Bimbo, Dodge, Banamex, among others in London, Cannes, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima and Mexico.

He has won advertising awards at the Internationalist Media Awards, Festival of Global Media and Latam, IAB Mexico, and nominated for Cannes Lions for the «Castaway Journal» campaign for Ciel (water brand of Coca-Cola Company). Winner of three MTV awards for Zoé «Vía Lactea» and «Blueboy” Subdivision music videos. He was selected in several international film festivals with his short film «Colors» filmed in New York.

He directed the two seasons of the successful Colombian webserie «SinFiltro» with Rafael Novoa nominated to the India Catalina Awards. He was the Director of Contents for Rio Suena Morning Edition, a TV show for Claro Sports during the Rio2016 Olympics for all of Latin America.

2018 is an important year, as he premieres his debut fiction film called «Sacudete las Penas» , as well as his documentary «A six dollar cup of coffee».